26 Miles to Raise $5.ooo for Mike & Leukemia! -Carlos

Update: Hi everyone thanks for your support I am now up to 197 miles after 10 days off due to a nasty ankle sprain, and then another 7 off after respraining it after 17 miles back. All diary entries are updated with runs, dates, mileage, some with maps from mapmyrun.com, a great resource for all you runners. Hope to be 100% soon again to finish training and close strong!

Update: BONUS everyone I reconfigured my pedometer on a track and realized I have been running 150% of what I thought I was all throughout my training! Most of my running is done early morning and my watch broke so I haven't been fully aware except that I knew I was running slow miles, and just chalked it up to how much I have been running. BONUS! I have actually ran 126 miles (about 17 hrs) so far.

Hi Friends and Family,

I want to thank all of you for your love and support through my life and while I have been in school. And although I may be far away from many of you and we may not see or get to talk as much, your understanding and support have made me feel at peace and grateful for the people I know and love.

Most of you know that I am in Nursing school, in Buffalo, NY. I have had the honor here to meet a number of good people, and I am writing to tell you about one of them. Michael Cieslak is a local Red Sox fan diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. He and I are both volunteering with the Lymphoma and Leukemia Society to fund research as well as support existing medical treatment for him and other patients. Mike rides a bike every day, he's currently looking for work and he and his family support the Society.

I am raising money for the Society by running a Marathon (26 miles!) on June 4th, 2006. All of you who know me know I'm a fool with a good heart and thankfully good knees that God willing can hold up to the abuse of training. Any difficulty that I have doing this though is nothing when we consider the plight of loved ones we all have and have had with cancer.

So there it is, the men, the mission, the question: Will you Act to help us raise $5.ooo by May?

I'm asking friends to donate $2 for every mile that I run ($54.40). Or be a shirt sponsor (donate $60+ and your name will be on the T-shirt I wear at the starting line.) To have you all with me while running will be another huge inspiration that I hope you want to be a part of. I want to be creative and make this as fun for you all as it can be: so all donors can expect some funky interesting surprises and colorful fun along the way.

And I know we can get a couple huge donations: say $200-500. You can certainly donate in the name of a friend or loved one who has had cancer, and their name will be a part of this good work too: both on the shirts that Mike and I wear and celebrated as Honored Patients that I am running for. ALL donations are tax exempt.

Click here to donate online.
Or by mail make check payable to:
The Leukemia-Lymphoma Society
mail to:
51 Trinity Pl
Buffalo, NY 14201

San Diego Runner: Carlos Velarde
Honored Patient: Michael Cieslak